Friday 23rd February : St. Polycarp

He was bishop of Smyrna or Izmir in modern Turkey. Born around the year 69, he was a disciple of St. John the Apostle. He was martyred in 155.

Sunday 25th February : 2nd Sunday of LENT

God sacrifices his own Son as part of the plan of salvation of the world. Calvary is a sign of God's love for us. This story of Abraham's sacrifice will be told again at the Easter Vigil as a preparation for Baptism.

Tuesday 27th February : St. Gregory of Narek (c 950-1003)

He was a monk of the Armenian Church, a mystic and poet. His best known writing is Lamentations, also called simply Narek, a collection of 95 prayers, each with the title "Conversation with God from the depth of the heart". Pope Francis declared Gregory a doctor of the Church in 2015.

Friday 1st March : St. David

He is the patron saint of Wales, where he was an abbot and bishop in the sixth century. Several Irish saints were his pupils and he influenced monastic development in Ireland. He died around d601.