The Upper Creggan Parish Rooms Building is a group meeting facility in the church grounds of St Patrick's at the bottom of the Parochial House driveway, adjacent to the main Church car-park.  It is accessible on foot from the main car-park and there is also an area of parking for up to a dozen cars in the lay-by just above the building itself.

The parish rooms have disability access and include a small kitchen facility, toilet facilities and two general purpose meeting rooms.  The larger of these rooms can accommodate some fifty+ people while the smaller room (with separate side-entrance if needed) houses meetings of some 25-30 people.

The complex hosts A.A. and Al. Anon group meetings for which they are reserved in the earlier part of the week and the Upper Creggan branch of the Diocesan Lourdes Hospitalit√© uses the larger meeting rooms seasonally (Wednesday nights, autumn to mid-May annually).

At present other occasional usage is made by the Parish Pastoral Council, other parish meetings and the annual Apostolic Workers sale of work week-end.  

A couple of other pastoral initiatives are at the planning stage which may mean the meetings rooms will soon host further activities.

Applications to use the Parish Rooms facilities should be make to the Parish Secretary at 028 3086 1208 or through any of the priests.  Any charge levied is merely to re-coup expenses, running costs (heat, electric etc).