Friday 24th September : St. Finbarr

He came to Loch Irce (Gougane Barra) and lived there as a hermit. When disciples gathered round him he moved to Cork at the mouth of the Lee where he founded a monastery that became a famous centre of learning.

Sunday 26th September : 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The community is always in danger from the corruption of pride and avarice. We must be prepared to listen to all prophetic voices in the Church that keep calling us back to purity of religion. Each baptised member is in some sense prophetic.

Monday 27th September : St. Vincent de Paul (1580-1660)

Committed to care of the disadvantaged and the oppressed, he founded the Congregation of the Mission (the Vincentians) and the Daughters of Charity, the first sisters to work outside their convents in active service. He is the patron of all charitable works.

Tuesday 28th September is the anniversary of the death in 1978 of Pope Joh Paul I

Wednesday 29th September : Ss Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels

Michael has been venerated as protector of Christians in general and soldiers in particular; patron of radiologists, the sick and paratroopers. Gabriel brought the message to Mary at the Annunciation, patron of postal services, telecommunications, radio and TV workers. Raphael, guide to Tobias; patron of nurses, physicians and the blind.

Thursday 30th September : St. Jerome (347-420)

He translated the Bible into Latin, known as the Vulgate, and wrote commentaries on scripture. Patron of librarians.

Friday 1st October : St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Born Marie François Thérèse Martin in Alençon, France. She was the youngest of nine children, 4 of whom died young. From an early age prayer and friendship with God were very important to her. After her mother Zélie died when Thérèse was only 4, her father Louis moved the family to Lisieux to be near Zélie's family. Thérèse and her sisters Marie and Pauline entered Carmelite community. Celine and Léonie cared for their father and after his death Celine entered the Carmelites and Léonie the Visitation community. Marie François Thérèse Martin died at the Carmel in Lisieux on 30 September 1897 having lived as a cloistered Carmelite for less than 10 years. Patron of missions, florists, aviators and France. 

St. Thérèse of Lisieux invites us to practise the little way of love, not to let the possibility of offering a smile to slip by, or any small gesture that sows peace and friendship.
Pope Francis, 01/10/2020

Saturday 2nd October : Guardian Angels

We venerate the Guardian Angels, seeking their constant protection. Catholic tradition has recognised that not only individual people have guardian angels but also homes, cities and states.

Our Guardian Angel is a friend we do not see, but whose presence we feel. 
He accompanies us on our earthly journey to heaven.
Pope Francis, 02/10/2017