Clonalig PS, 120 Concession Road, Crossmaglen - Principal: Mr Christopher Murray; Co-ed, 141 pupils; Tel (028) 3086 1513

Scoil Bhride, Shelagh - Principal: Ms Rosiin Fee; Co-ed, 46 pupils; Tel (042) 9377 510

St Brigid's PS, Glassdrummond - Principal: Mrs Mary Keating; Co-ed, 170 pupils; Tel (028) 3086 1514

St Patrick's PS, Crossmaglen, Principal: Mr Michael Madine; Co-ed, 320 pupils; Tel (028) 3086 1667

St Joseph's HS - Principal: Mr John Jones; Chaplain: Fr Dermot Maloney, PP; Co-ed, 616 students; Tel (028) 3086 1240 


The senior trustee for all schools in the parish is His Grace Archbishop Eamon Martin.  The local trustee function for each school in the parish is vested in the Parish Priest.  Priests of the parish sit on the Boards of Governors / Management of all schools in the parish as follows: 

St Joseph's HS: Fr Kevin Cullen

St Patrick's PS: Fr Dermot Maloney

Clonalig PSs: Fr Kevin Cullen

Scoil Bhride Shelagh NS: Fr Dermot Maloney

St Brigid's Glassdrummond PS: Fr Dermot Maloney